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KING’S COMPUTER DIVISION offers the best MS Office Coaching in Kottarakkara with most experienced MS Office Teachers, Since 1990s. In MS Office Software Course we are going to teach Computer Basics, Microsoft  Word, Microsoft  Excel, Advanced Excel, Power Point  Presentation and Internet Basics with Latest Methods.

We are conscious about industry requirements, and we’re offering MS Office training Course in Kottarakkara in more practical way. Our faculty  team of MS Office trainers offers MS Office in Classroom training, and MS Office Corporate Training services. We framed our syllabus to match with the real-world requirements for both newbie level to advanced level.

Microsoft Word

In Ms Office course, we will teach Ms Word. . Microsoft word generally known as as MS Word, primarily used to type and save documents. Ms Word mostly used to make resumes, News Articles, Blog Posts, organization draft and letters and Legal Documents.
Whether you are student or working professional, learning ms word is an essential skill in today’s digital life. That’s why every computer user must learn Microsoft Word

In Ms Office training , we will train Advanced Excel features. we Offer Advanced Excel Training course in excel. Excel is an electronic spreadsheet software program that are utilized for storing, arranging and manipulating data.
Excel mainly used for data analysis purpose. By using financial and statistical functions we are able to analyze the data. For removing duplicate reports, filtering precise records from data we are using excel. For storing data in systematic way we are using excel.

In Ms Office Course , we are going to teach Power Point Presentation KING’S COMPUTER DIVISION Offers MS Power Point Lessons in Kottarakkara. Microsoft PowerPoint is efficient presentation software program. With just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes we can add images, text, sound files, video and cartoon to slide Presentation. Through the use of power point we can present our ideas and knowledge to audience clearly.

Our MS Office Certification is Officially Recognized by all major Global Businesses around the world. We will provide govt MS Office Certificate after completion of the theoretical and practical training in MS Office Classes.

Our MS Office certification  is recognized worldwide. It increases the value of your resume. Everybody knows in our town KING’S COMPUTER DIVISION Offering the best MS Office Training with advanced level. The certification is only provided after successful finishing of our training and practical based Microsoft Office exams.
After Completion of MS Office

KING’S COMPUTER DIVISION situated near Pulamon bridge, Kottarakkara. We are the Best Computer Training Center offers govt certification-oriented MS Office course in kottarakkara

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