About Us

About US

Kings College was started in 1968 and our computer division which started its operation in 1986. Kings computer division began their journey with a mission to provide quality computer training courses at affordable prices to the masses. Our computer training division was started by a group of professionals with great work experience in the field of education sector. Each and every member of our team is committed to achieving above qoal by the deliverance of top quality it training to the students.

We provide top quality computer training at a very high standard at a very low cost. Our aim is to create a pool of top quality and top notch it professionals who will meet the demanding needs of various organizations for tomorrow?s challenges.

Our computer training methods have been maximized through the well-equipped computer lab. With structured combination of theoretical and practical classes, reinforced with most advanced computers in our lab.

We strongly believe that training in the latest computer softwares combined with life-long learning is the important ingredients for building a successful career in the IT sector. Students who are trained in a multi-cultural environment providing student-cantered interactive learning which is centered on today’s electronic business world.

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